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VAY Factory- The VAY Institutional Web Site - VAY Factory

Vay Factory

Vay Factory


Vay Factory: fabrics' manufacturer, modern fabrics for curtains. The curtains that decorates the world

Discover the quality, the style, the work experience.
Come visit the VAY Web Site!

Vay Factory. Curtains for dreaming, discover how to create a refined upholstery with our modern fabrics for curtains.
Fabrics' manufacturer for the last 70 years, a reference point for stores and fabrics for the home.
A rich range of textile products: stylish fabric for upholstery, modern fabrics for curtains.

VAY Décor
The textile factory that decorates your world.
Curtains that involves you, a rich collection of fabric for upholstery! A suggestive collection of modern fabrics for curtains!

Get to know the retail stores of the VAY Factory, fabrics' manufacturer since 1936!
Discover our curtaining and our organdis. Fabrics and ideas for the home guaranteed by the VAY mark.
Taffetas, organdis, from jacquard to plain articles: Vay fabrics' manufacturer, the curtains that decores the world.
Modern fabrics for curtains, ideas and fabric for upholstery for modern home.

VAY Factory - Who we are

The VAY Factory has always manufactured curtains, curtaining and fabric for upholstery under the symbol of quality.
Organdis, taffetas, plain products to decorate the world. Vay fabrics' manufacturer.
Year after year, range after range, thanks to a thorough commercial policy, the VAY mark has become a valued point of reference in the home fabrics sector across the world.
Wrap yourself up in the beauty, the experience, in the enthusiasm and the quality. Get wrapped up in the world of modern fabrics for curtains and for upholstery created by Manufattura VAY.

VAY Factory - History

The VAY Factory was created in 1936, in the textile district of Chieri (Turin).
Thus began an entrepreneurial adventure. Vay Factoy: fabrics' manufacturer.

An adventure where industriousness is combined with fantasy. Where stylistic research is coupled with innovation and quality of production is strongly interlaced with quality of service.
An adventure that creates, collection after collection, the curtains for every refined style. Vay Factory: fabrics' manufacturer, modern fabrics for curtains.
Vay Factory became a valued point of reference for fabric for upholstery.

Today, VAY’s third generation is leader of the company. Professionalism and passion continue while always looking towards the future, towards new horizons. Vay Factory: fabrics' manufacturer.

VAY Factory - Mission

The VAY Factory expresses with coherence and determination the foundations of its own business philosophy:
Internal Laboratory of a quality fabrics' manufacturer
For research in materials, style and work techniques.
Constant Monitoring of Consumer Tendencies
and preferences in the Interior Furnishing and Decoration Sector
To produce always new and refined fabric for upholstery. Manifattura Vay: fabrics' manufacturer, modern fabrics for curtains.

Vay Factory

VAY Factory


The registered trademark VAY CONCEPT represents the company strategy.

1. A wide collection of plain fabrics for furnishing, 150 cm and 300 cm width, addressed both to the home decoration and to the collectivity. Taffetas, organdis, jacquard and plain fabrics: a rich range of fabric for upholstery and modern fabrics for curtains.
2. A proposal of thematic catalogues, to offer plain and fancy fabrics in line with market trends.
3. A wide range of colours per quality, up to 100 colours, always available with a piece by piece service.
4. Stock service: collection fabrics ready in stock for an immediate delivery.
5. Product quality guarantee. Taffetas, curtains' fabric and fabric for upholstery of sure quality.
6. Durability and exclusivity.
7. Competitive selling prices.
8. Continuous studies and researches of news and tendencies in the world of modern fabrics for curtains.
9. Planning and realization of catalogues and hangers, also personalized, with availability to contribute to the total cost.
10. Careful attention to the customer service.
11. Aptitude to establish a lasting trust and cooperation relationship with customers.

VAY Factory

Vay Factory

VAY Factory - Internal Organisation
Fabrics' manufacturer with a consolidated and harmonious work team
A Sales Network and World Wide Commercial Expansion
Technological Innovation
In Production Procedures and Fabrics Production

All the above mentioned with a unique unavoidable objective:
The Client’s Complete Satisfaction.

Vay Factory

VAY Factory - Quality

For VAY, quality is a concrete and shared value, made up of many daily actions and decisions.

Quality signifies an accurate selection of the primary materials, a constant monitoring of the production procedures, a close attention to detail. Vay fabrics' manufacturer.
But quality also signifies a commitment to investing into technology and innovation, to experiment with ever-new products, to develop creativity, to therefore have a production which completely satisfies the customers. Manifattura Vay: modern fabrics for curtains. Quality of our curtains, from organdis to taffetas, from jacquard to plain fabrics. Fabrics' manufacturer Vay. Fabric for upholstery for modern home.
Quality of product, quality of procedures, quality of ideas and quality of capabilities. Let your life softer wrapping in our curtains.
Taffetas, organdis, from jacquard to plain articles: ideas and fabric for upholstery. Vay fabrics' manufacturer, the curtains that decores the world.

Vay Factory - Staff

Proprietors (President- Delegated Administrator)
Administration ( Director- Accounts Department)
Commercial Department- Italy
Commercial Department- Abroad
Product Department ( In collaboration with…)
Logistics ( Persons in charge)
Staff Logistics
Oltrona Establishment

Vay Factory Agents, get wrapped in the fabric for upholstery signed by Vay. Discover our modern fabrics for curtains of a valued fabrics' manufacturer.

Thanks to us, fantasy, style and warmth travel and enter homes all over the world

Click on the different countries shown to visualize an agent near you
Visualize all agents. Vay fabrics' manufacturer.
VAY agents in the world / in Europe / in Italy, get involved in our modern fabrics for curtains and fabric for upholstery.

Vay Factory - Products

Colourful, soft, beautiful. Stylish.
Full of charm, allure and fantasy, curtains and fabrics for a refined taste home
Taffetas, organdis, jacquard, plain fabrics: find the entire range of fabric for upholstery and modern fabrics for curtains signed Manifattura Vay.

Discover the new collection of VAY products and start dreaming!

Vay Factory

1. Plain colour

Plain colour
Silk, organdis, linen, cotton, polyester…
An anthology of yarn and diverse weaves, where colour is the protagonist.
The magic of plain and uniform colour. Get involved in the Vay curtains' world!.
A sole structure set in innumerable variants and tones.
Vay Factory. Modern fabrics for curtains for get lost, fabric for upholstery for a refined taste home.

2. Striped

Combinations of weaves, yarn and diverse colours that form on the fabric stripes and parallel bands.
The rigor of the geometry is softened by the structure/framework, which can be regular or irregular.
Vay Factory. Sylish modern fabrics for curtains, fabric for upholstery for a modern home.

3. Jacquard

A vast variety of fabrics of textured and complex designs , made with the loom that carries its inventor’s name, Joseph-Marie Jacquard.
Superimpositions and inlaid work between coated or transparent fabrics, between the wrap and weft with which it has been laid. Harmonious weavings of positive and negative patterns.
Vay Factory. Modern fabrics for curtains to start dreaming, fabric for upholstery that add elegant decoration.

4. Fil coupé

Fil coupé
The fluctuant threads of the weft are cut and frayed, creating in the fabric evocative patterns and decorations. Variants and fantasies that satisfy the eye and the touch with the same intensity.
Vay Factory. Modern fabrics for curtains, suggestive fabric for upholstery

5. Printed fabric

Printed fabric
Splendid designs and elegant textures are printed with diverse colours directly onto the fabric. The result is of great prestige, as the curtain or curtaining transforms itself into the fabric of a fantastic and enthralling painting. Let your imagination run wild into soft taffetas and organdis.
Vay Factory. Modern fabrics for curtains for living free, fabric for upholstery for the flights of your fancy.

6. Dévoré

The virtuous synthesis of two diverse materials in a composition of positives and negatives. The decoration is coated while the background of the weft is transparent. The pattern is full while the texture is light; or vice versa.
Vay Factory. Soft taffetas, modern fabrics for curtains and for upholstery to decorate with style.

7. Embroidered

The embroidery is elaborated along the length or along the width of the fabric, using yarn of a diverse nature and different points of embroidery. The result is always of great elegance and fantasy, like an antique mosaic; precious decorations, contrast of tones, noticeable details, “all over” or specifically placed patterns…..
Vay Factory. Modern fabrics for curtains and for upholstery with a refined taste.

8. Fireproof fabrics

Fireproof fabrics
An ample selection of curtaining with a choice of different weights, using non inflammable yarn. Ideal for the office, hotels, restaurants, tourist villages and any type of use where security is the top priority. Flame retardant signed Manifattura Vay.
Vay Factory. Modern fabric for upholstery. Modern fabrics for curtains.



VAY modern fabrics for curtains and for upholstery decorate the world and travel on the net. Here are the main links that work, inspire and interact with the world of VAY:

Since 1993, the most important and selective Italian Fair specialized in textiles for interior decoration and curtaining. From taffetas to organdis,modern fabrics for curtains and for upholstery in Italy. Fabrics' manufacturer Vay.

VAY adheres to, along with eight other leading companies in the field, “ Consorzio Promozione Tendaggio Italiano ” (Promotional Association of the Italian Curtaining Industry), which takes care of representing, assisting and safeguarding the Italian production of curtains and curtaining all over the world.

One of the biggest companies specializing in flame retardant yarn; official VAY supplier for the production of fireproof fabrics.


Our offices in Chieri are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30-18:00

VAY Décor

Enter the website Vay

Come visit our stores! Let your imagination run wild into soft taffetas and organdis! Discover our rich range of modern fabrics for curtains and fabric for upholstery!

VAY Décor is the meeting place between your ideas and the VAY quality.
Curtains, curtaining, taffetas, organdis, linen for the home, custom-made fabrics…
So many colourful ideas, in an inviting and luminous environment, with a staff always ready to serve and suggest…

Vay Factory

Directions to The VAY Factory,
follow the thread and reach our modern fabrics for curtains and for upholstery!

Our head offices as well as our commercial offices are in:
Corso Matteotti, 81, Chieri (Turin). Come to discover our taffetas and our fabric for upholstery!

Our warehouses (from which all of our shipments are made ) are also situated here. Let your imagination run in our rich range of taffetas and modern fabrics for curtains.
Create new tendencies with fabric for upholstery signed by Manifattura Vay.

Our production establishment is in Oltrona S. Mamette (Como). Fabrics' manufacturer Vay.

From Torino Porta Nuova ( Train Station)- Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Ponte Umberto I
(Umberto I bridge), turn right on Corso Moncalieri,
Corso Casale, Sassi Station, Strada Traforo del Pino
A-road 10 towards Chieri for 9 km. Once in Chieri,
follow A-road 10 for approx. 4 km more.

From the Caselle Airport (Turin Airport)- Use Torino Aeroporto di Caselle link road ;
2nd exit for Borgaro Torinese;
Provincial Road 267;
Via Ivrea ¸ Rotonda Romolo e Remo ,
take Lungo Stura Lazio exit, Via T. Agudio ,
Via Solaroli di Briona , on the right take A-
road 10 for Chieri. Fabrics' manufacturer Vay.

From Milan (Turin/Milan motorway)- Motorway A4 / E64.
Exit: centre city, (also coming from Piacenza (PC),
Asti (AT), Cuneo (CN), Savona (SV), Genoa (GE):
Take Giulio Cesare Street (Corso); at right of the
Rotonda Romolo e Remo , to exit take Lungo
Stura Lazio, Via T. Agudio , Via Solaroli di Briona
, turn right on A-road 10 direction Chieri. Fabrics' manufacturer Vay.

“Luxury in Living” is a project promoted by the ICE – “ Istituto Nazionale per il Commercio Estero” ( National Institute for Commerce Abroad)- In the Consumer Goods Sector (Beni di Consumo), which forms part of the emergence of the valorisation of the Italian Product- I Style. Fabric for upholstery made in italian style, modern fabrics for curtains to start dreaming.

For the first time, the display will present exclusively Italian Companies exhibiting Products by Italian Designers. It will unfold during all of 2005 across the United States (Miami, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Houston, San Francisco), and in 2006, it will spread across Europe exhibiting in prestigious museums. Fabric for upholstery across the world.

The intention is to present “A View of the Attainable in Luxury “ in the field of Italian Home Design, which goes beyond the fleetingness of fashion and novelty, but is representative of contemporary luxury and identifies and highlights the values that support the generic definition of “Italian Style”. A rich range of modern fabrics for curtains and for upholstery for evey style.

The choice of products displayed obviously follows the base concepts of creativity- its innovative value being the use of technology and materials-, and a sense of beauty , but underlines above all the concrete usability, to enable one to go beyond a basic experimentation. (tout court) Soft taffetas to decorate with style. Modern fabrics for curtains: ideas and fabric for upholstery for modern home.

Fabrics' manufacturer Vay.:
Textile reality since 1936, specialized in curtaining and upholstery fabrics.
Two young and brilliant brothers leading the company who, with creative and innovative spirit, propose tendency collections for the world market. Let your life soft and elegant with our taffetas, create new tendencies with our fabric for upholstery.

Vay Factory



Fabrics' manufacturer Vay. VAY produces and merchandises fabrics for curtaining and upholstery dedicated to the home decoration and to the Contract. Modern fabrics for curtains that decorates the world.
Thousands of colours, developed in various type of fabrics, from the plain fabrics, with simple and refined textures, to the elaborated jacquards and the embroidered fabrics.
A particular attention to the finishing in order to give effects of silky or crinkly hands, or luminescent surfaces. A rich collecion of fabric for upholstery: taffetas and organdis to decorate the world.


The collection addressed to the contract contains certified fabrics, of Class 1 and Trevira CS, in order to meet the world requirements relating to the collectivity.
Fabrics of different types and weight: cloth, georgette, taffetas, black-out and voile, with a wide range of colours.
The development of more and more advanced technologies makes this collection in continuous updating to face the increasing sector needs.

From taffetas to organdis, from jacquard to plain articles: ideas and fabric for upholstery for modern home. Fabrics' manufacturer Vay, the curtains that decores the world.

NEWS VAY -- News and Press Review

At the occasion of Proposte 2008 Fabrics' manufacturer Vay would like to invite you at Hotel Villa D’Este Cernobbio -Suite Cardinal from may 06th to 9th.
Get wrapped in our taffetas, come to discover modern fabrics for curtains under the symbol of quality.

Vay Factory