The throbbing heart of our work.

Collections are the tangible result of our commitment. The products composing them are flexible, apt to meet every need, made to catch the eye and to establish themselves on the end market. They represent the selection of the best fabrics and the snappiest textures: we are their designers and creators, in Italy and in the world. Behind every collection there’s a long journey built upon inspiration, research, culture of the fabric, an in-depth investigation of the market and the new trends.


Delicate transparencies in a refined play of light and shadow: our collection of light curtains boasts transparent and semitransparent fabrics that allow sunlight to filter from the outside in order to create bright environments and unique atmospheres. Our selection is wide and heterogeneous: not only in terms of composition and textures, in finishes and in colors, but also for its special touch. Silky, soft and crisp fabrics: every taste meets its satisfaction, every final destination finds its own most suitable fabric.


From satin to taffeta, from organza to velvet, from natural fabrics to synthetic ones: the most versatile selection of our portfolio is also the richest and most heterogeneous. Medium-weight fabrics find their natural place both as classic curtains and as light furnishing fabrics. The curtains of this collection give prominence and depths to interiors, protecting the environments from intensive light and preserving privacy. Classic or modern in colours and style, either made of a single textile fiber or a combination of several, they represent the best of beauty and functionality.


For those looking for durable, ductile and refined coatings, we’ve created a selection of fabrics characterized by an important unit weight. If the natural destination is in the covering, our fabric furnishings are suitable for the creation of curtains. In this collection we give space to comfort, beauty and style versatility, offering a wide range of hues, patterns and finishes. Without forgetting the high standards of durability over time, guaranteed by specific stress tests.


This collection selects and presents draperies that offer almost complete opacity, reducing by up to 99% the filtering light. The collection is consequently made out of products that guarantee darkness even in very bright rooms. The VAY black-out fabrics present a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes in order to adapt to the different needs and different interior styles.

Flame Retardant

This collection combines the quality and style characterizing the VAY brand with the “Flame Retardant” function, which perfectly complies with the main European and international standards in terms of safety and fire resistance. It’s primarily aimed at the professional hospitality and contract world: hotels, tourist villages, B & Bs, restaurants, etc. From the choice of raw materials to the selection of fabrics and finishings, when it comes to this specific type of fabrics VAY is involved in the whole process, overseeing highly rigorous tests and checks.