VAY, quality and beauty

interwoven through the thread of time.

For over 80 years we’ve created, selected and offered the best fabrics for curtains and furniture to our customers, exporting the Italian quality and style all over the world.

One family,
one vision

Since its very origins, the Vay family has been driving the homonymous company. It is now the third generation, represented by an entrepreneur who constantly aims for excellence and never forgets its roots. Born in a land of ancient weavers, VAY is a company that finds inspiration within its history and at the same time looks towards the future, shaping the concept of fabric itself into something more: an art object, a moment of sheer emotion, a symbol of beauty.

An Italian story with an international flavor

Over 80 years of textile experience continue fueling our energy and creativity. Our history is a continuous source of inspiration for the creation of curtains and furnishing fabrics that aim to fully meet the needs of each client.
We export our products all over the world and the world itself is our muse. We’re constantly traveling to seek inspiration, find ideas and explore new fabrics, all to learn things we didn’t know before and to get in touch with many surprising innovations.

Our offer

We offer several types of fabrics with thousands of finishes and colour variants. From the most modern products to the most classic ones; spacing from elegance to pop solutions, with dozens of different textures and yarns. Our portfolio is extensive and ever-evolving. All our products are however united by one thing: their commercial potential, the ability to kindle interest and firmly establish themselves on the market.

The attention
to detail

We reflect our style by taking care of every detail. Fine colourations and customized finishes allow us to punctually meet our customers’ requirements, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations, keeping a careful eye on future scenarios and upcoming trends.